Our group is involved in various teaching efforts, ranging from lectures over seminar to internships. Apart from that, we also give lecture for the general public every second semester within the Physics in the Pub Program.


Our group regularly offer seminars on modern aspects of particle physics. In particular, you are invited to join our weekly seminar (Wednesday 15:00, Lichtenberg-Meeting Room) to learn about recent developments in electroweak precision measurements and on Micromegas detectors.


Lecture for bachelor- and master students that are prepared and given by group members can be found on the dedicated web-site of the university (Jogustine) https://jogustine.uni-mainz.de


Particle Physics Summer Academy for High School Students

GruppenfotoIn 2016, we organized the first particles physics summer academy for high school students across Germany, who had the opportunity to design and construct their own experiments, which was then conducted with relativistic electrons at the MAMI accelerator. Further information on this first event and also on subsequent schools can be found under: http://www.teilchenphysik-akademie.uni-mainz.de/